Reading: Nokalakevi, Georgia: potential in ruins


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Nokalakevi, Georgia: potential in ruins


Kathryn Grant ,

UCL Institute of Archaeology, GB
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Chris Russel

UCL Institute of Archaeology, GB
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Global attention has focused on Georgia as a result of the recent political and military conflict. However, the country also has a rich archaeological heritage which is little known in the West. The Anglo-Georgian Expedition to Nokalakevi (AGEN), set up in 2000, aims to explore the archaeology of a major site that was occupied from at least the 8th century BC to recent times. It also offers training to Georgian archaeologists and international students and outreach work to the local community. In this article two British members of AGEN describe the aims of the project and some of the results of recent field seasons.

How to Cite: Grant, K. and Russel, C., 2008. Nokalakevi, Georgia: potential in ruins. Archaeology International, 11, pp.49–53. DOI:
Published on 01 Sep 2008.
Peer Reviewed


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