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Reading: Palaeolithic research at the Institute of Archaeology


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Palaeolithic research at the Institute of Archaeology


Andrew Garrard ,

UCL Institute of Archaeology, GB
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Norah Moloney,

UCL Institute of Archaeology, GB
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Dietrich Stout,

UCL Institute of Archaeology, GB
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Ignacio de la Torre

UCL Institute of Archaeology, GB
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Since its foundation in 1937, the Institute of Archaeology has been an important centre of research on Pleistocene environments and Palaeolithic archaeology. Frederick Zeuner (loA: 1937-1963) was greatly respected for his teaching and research on the subject, including his 1945 publication The Pleistocene period and John Waechter (loA: 1954-1978) for his Palaeolithic excavations at Gorham's Cave in Gibraltar and Swanscombe in the Thames Valley.

Mark Newcomer (loA: 1973-1989) inspired many of the students with his experimental research on prehistoric bone and flint technology and for his innovative work on the microwear analysis of flint tools. In 1982, Mark Roberts began his excavations at the Lower Palaeolithic site of Boxgrove in Sussex and more recently Matthew Pope has been involved in an extensive survey of the Middle Pleistocene raised beaches along the south Sussex coast. Simon Parfitt has been undertaking groundbreaking research into the Lower Palaeolithic of East Anglia. Andrew Garrard and Norah Moloney joined the staff of the Institute of Archaeology in 1990 and 1994 respectively, and Dietrich Stout and Ignacio de la Torre in 2005.

Each are involved in research relating to human developments through the Pleistocene and this is outlined in the four sections that follow. Several other staff also undertake research in related fields, including Ole Gron, Simon Hills on, Richard Macphail, Marcello Mannino, Tim Schadla-Hall, James Steele and Ken Thomas. The work of several of these has featured in recent issues of Archaeology International.
How to Cite: Garrard, A., Moloney, N., Stout, D. and de la Torre, I., 2005. Palaeolithic research at the Institute of Archaeology. Archaeology International, 9, pp.14–19. DOI:
Published on 15 Aug 2005.
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