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The Institute of Archaeology Conference Competition


Ruth D Whitehouse

Institute of Archaeology, UCL, GB
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One of the most creative innovations of Stephen Shennan’s directorship is the annual Institute of Archaeology Conference Competition. This scheme is now in its seventh year (with the result of the eighth competition just announced) and it seems a good time to document and celebrate its success.

The competition takes place in the spring of each year, with the winning conference being held in the following academic year. In the present format, applicants are asked to outline and justify the conference topic, list the proposed speakers and present a rough budget, with an indication of where the rest of the funds will be obtained if the conference costs are likely to exceed the £2000 of the award. There is no restriction as to the subject of the conference or its scale, though it is stipulated that the award must make a significant difference to the viability of the conference and that the conference fee for Institute attendees should be minimal, with a maximum of £10 for students.

How to Cite: Whitehouse, R.D., 2014. The Institute of Archaeology Conference Competition. Archaeology International, 17, pp.40–43. DOI:
  Published on 23 Oct 2014

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