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UCL Qatar and the Institute of Archaeology


Thilo Rehren

UCL Qatar, PO Box 25256, Education City, Doha, QA
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Setting up a new department is an exciting process, and particularly so in a location such as Qatar. It is hard work – and rich in experiences. The most pleasant new experience so far has been to welcome our first-ever cohort of 30 Masters’ students, enrolled across our three different degree programmes (Fig. 1). As expected, the MA in Museum and Gallery Practice recruited best, with about half of all students on this one-year MA. Across the board, our student body is as international and as diverse as one could hope for at UCL in such a location; just under one third of our students are Qatari nationals, together with a handful of others already living in the country before they enrolled. In addition to students from Syria and Jordan, about one third is from the US and across Europe, and from as far away as Panama and China. Even out here in Doha, it is UCL as a Global University. And since we are here, among other reasons, to bring a truly international education to the people of Qatar and the region, this is a great success in its own right

How to Cite: Rehren, T., 2013. UCL Qatar and the Institute of Archaeology. Archaeology International, 16, pp.38–40. DOI:
  Published on 24 Oct 2013

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