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Editorial Full text PDF
James Graham-Campbell 2


Director’s Report 2012–13 Full text PDF
Studying at the UCL Institute of Archaeology Full text PDF
Bookshelf Full text PDF
A Global Perspective on the Past: The Institute of Archaeology Around the World Full text PDF

Short Research Reports

The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, UCL Full text PDF
Jan Picton 31-37
UCL Qatar and the Institute of Archaeology Full text PDF
Thilo Rehren 38-40
Public Engagement at Archaeology South-East Full text PDF
Hilary Orange 41-46
Excavations of an Early Neolithic Site at Tăşnad, Romania Full text PDF
Ciprian Astaloș, Ulrike Sommer, Cristian Virag 47-53
Production and Consumption: Textile Economy and Urbanisation in Mediterranean Europe 1000–500 BCE (PROCON) Full text PDF
Margarita Gleba, Susanna Harris, Joanne Cutler 54-58

Research articles

‘Do larger molars and robust jaws in early hominins represent dietary adaptation?’ A New Study in Tooth Wear Full text PDF
Anna Frances Clement, Simon Willliam Hillson 59-71
Researching Stonehenge: Theories Past and Present Full text PDF
Mike Parker Pearson 72-83
Assyrian Nimrud and the Phoenicians Full text PDF
Georgina Herrmann, Stuart Laidlaw 84-95
Rapa Nui (Easter Island)’s Stone Worlds Full text PDF
Sue Hamilton 96-109
Excavating a Silk Road City: the Medieval Citadel of Taraz, Kazakhstan Full text PDF
Giles Dawkes 110-119
Margaret Murray (1863–1963): Pioneer Egyptologist, Feminist and First Female Archaeology Lecturer Full text PDF
Ruth Whitehouse 120-127
Reflections on the 1943 ‘Conference on the Future of Archaeology’ Full text PDF
Gabriel Moshenska 128-139

People and Places

Alumni Reflections Full text PDF
From the Archives Full text PDF

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