Table of Contents


The third issue of Archaeology International PDF
David R. Harris 2


The Institute's Primary Research Groups in 1999-2000 PDF
Some highlights of the 1999/2000 academic year PDF

Research articles

Some personal reminiscences of the Institute of Archaeology, 1933-62 PDF
Rachel Maxwell-Hyslop 6-10
Gordon Childe at St John's Lodge: some early recollections PDF
Nancy Sandars 11-12
Bronze Age stone worlds of Bodmin Moor: excavating Leskernick PDF
Sue Hamilton, Christopher Tilley, Barbara Bender 13-17
Medieval reclamation and colonization of marginal land on Romney Marsh PDF
Luke Barber 18-20
Island dynamics and Minoan expansion in the Aegean: the Kythera Island Project PDF
Cyprian Broodbank 21-23
Investigating ancient Memphis, Pharaonic Egypt's northern capital PDF
David Jeffreys 24-27
A new look at old bread: ancient Egyptian baking PDF
Delwen Samuel 28-31
Hittites and "barbarians" in the Late Bronze Age: regional survey in northern Turkey PDF
Roger Matthews 32-35
Early Islamic manufacture of crucible steel at Merv, Turkmenistan PDF
Dafydd Griffiths, Ann Feuerbach 36-38
Archaeology on the North-West Frontier: the Bannu Project, Pakistan PDF
Ken Thomas 39-42
Kumbakonam: the ritual topography of a sacred and royal city of South India PDF
Vivek Nanda 43-48
Pilgrims past and present: the ritual landscape of Raqchi, southern Peru PDF
Bill Sillar 49-52
The Palaeolithic, preservation and the public PDF
Nicholas Stanley-Price 53-56
Archaeological parks: what are they? PDF
Paulette M. McManus 57-59

People and Places

Staff and Students of the Institute in 1999-2000 PDF

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