Table of Contents


The fourth issue of Archaeology International PDF
David R. Harris 2


Some highlights of the 2000/2001 academic year PDF
The Institute's Primary Research Groups in 2000-2001 PDF

Research articles

Remembering Frederick Zeuner and others at the Institute of Archaeology, 1945-48 PDF
Grace Simpson 9-10
The Vale of Pickering in the Mesolithic: uncovering the early post-glacial landscape PDF
Tim Schadla-Hall 11-13
Forgotten buildings: detached kitchens in Southeast England PDF
David Martin 14-16
Tree rings and time: recent historical studies in England PDF
Martin Bridge 17-20
The evolutionary analysis of cultural behaviour PDF
Stephen Shennan, Mark Collard 21-23
Wall painting in the Roman empire: colour, design and technology PDF
Elizabeth Pye 24-27
An early entente cordiale? Cross-Channel connections in the Anglo-Saxon period PDF
Martin Welch 28-30
Roads to riches: making good the silver ore at Lavrion in Greece PDF
Thilo Rehren 31-34
Cattle, identity and genocide in the African Great Lakes region PDF
Andrew Reid 35-38
Hunting, herding, feasting: animal use at Neolithic Catalhoyuk, Turkey PDF
Louise Martin 39-42
Ashmounds and hilltop villages: the search for early agriculture in southern India PDF
Dorian Q. Fuller 43-46
Burials of kings or of tribal leaders? Interpreting the evidence from monumental tombs in southern Japan PDF
Koji Mizoguchi 47-51
Collapse, conquest and Maya survival at Lamanai, Belize PDF
Elizabeth Graham 52-56
Opening the stable door: new initiatives at the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology PDF
Sally MacDonald, Roy McKeown, Stephen Quirke 57-59

People and Places

Staff and Students of the Institute in 2000-2001 PDF

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